Heat transfer processes in the metallurgical industry are used constantly and everywhere.

Both in the main technological process (alumina production: pulp heaters, hydrated pulp coolers, evaporators, mother liquor and aluminate solution recuperators, etc.), and in the secondary plan: cooling of technological equipment (furnaces, bearings, transformer equipment, etc.) through an intermediate cooling circuit with circulating water - without heat exchangers anywhere.

Various boilers are widely used at metallurgical enterprises - heat recovery units and heat recuperators that use the heat of the exhaust flue gases.

As we have repeatedly written, the effectiveness of each enterprise depends on all components and details. Efficient and stable operation of heat exchange equipment also plays a significant role in the formation of the costly part of metallurgical production. “The penny saves the ruble” - this is how they like to say in Russia.

Delivered modern efficient heat-exchange equipment Lotus, began to save "penny", but every hour, and over the years thousands and even millions of rubles will run.

If you start to consider the costs of servicing existing heat-exchange equipment, then the payback of intensive shell-and-tube (shell-and-tube) Lotus heat exchangers can drop sharply, since Lotus-shell-and-tube heat exchangers do not require maintenance throughout the entire service life. This section shows various technical solutions related to the metallurgical industry.

Dear metallurgists, at the end of my message, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that a very short period of time can pass from setting a task to an individual solution and putting it into practice, and you can already really start saving money for your company.

Find the most problematic places in the work of heat exchange equipment or just set us the most unusual, but economically viable task associated with any heat engineering process, and write to us about this:

We will certainly prepare for you a unique solution, we will coordinate it with your management, if necessary with your management company. We will help you to draw up an economic calculation of the payback period for the implementation of Lotus intensive shell-and-tube heat exchangers, we will agree on a budget acceptable for your enterprise, a payment schedule, and jointly bring your idea to life.

Think, search, set goals and ... win.

After all, no one can interfere with a person walking forward with good intentions.

Strength is in truth, but the truth is on our side.

We are waiting for the most tricky and daring heat engineering tasks from you.

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