LOTUS® worldwide

Hundreds of individual LOTUS® heat exchangers are already operating in the country! Hundreds of individual LOTUS® heat exchangers bring profit to their owners!

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LOTUS® - Russian expert in the field of heat engineering

Modern technical solutions based on intensive shell-and-tube (shell-and-tube) heat exchangers LOTUS® for all heat exchange processes

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Rise above all. We will be there!

Today we are united in a team capable of being the first in narrowly focused issues - heat engineering issues

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Because - LOTUS® has a unique combination of classic and novelty! Now, in a few details, we will tell you about it.

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Message from the CEO

On the basis of the LOTUS® intensive heat exchange equipment, together with you, dear Customers, we create unique heat engineering products that have no analogues in the world, which allow us to reduce the energy costs of production, significantly reduce heat emissions into the atmosphere against the background of a qualitative improvement in the life of people on Earth..


Examples of the effectiveness of our technical solutions

Komsomolsk oil refinery (Rosneft)

More than 8 years of operation without cleaning and repairs. Cooling of the reforming gas mixture with recycled water.

Novokuibyshev plant of oils and additives (Rosneft)

More than 8 years of operation without cleaning and repairs. Asphalt cooling with a mixture of asphalt and propane.


More than 4-5 years of operation without cleaning and repairs. Installations AVT-1, AVT-2. Heating of the viscous oil with the vacuum distillate, tar and diesel fuel.

CJSC " Ekooil "(Omsk, group " Titan»)

More than 4 years of operation without cleaning and repairs. Condensation of butadiene vapors (tube space — butadiene).

Industries and applications

Oil & Gas

We all understand the importance of improving the efficiency of the oil industry, each individual enterprise ...


The period of financial instability for the energy industry was reflected in a sharp decline in market demand for electricity ...

Chemical industry

In turn, the chemical industry is the most insidious and dangerous industry in the world ...


Heat transfer processes in the metallurgical industry are used constantly and everywhere. ...

LOTUS® development strategy to 2020

We have selected several key indicators by which we will monitor the quality of our company. For example, one of these criteria is the difference between the calculated and real heat transfer coefficient of our devices.

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Office location
Engineering company LOTUS®
Russia, Ekaterinburg, Lunacharskogo street, 240/12

Phone: +7 343 216 77 75

E-mail: info@lotus1.ru

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Russia: +7 343 216 77 75

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