Our vision

A process that has two main stages: Vision and Implementation.

Vision is an emotional collegial work that shows what the team’s core passion lies in.

A correctly disclosed Team Vision is the key to the success of the Implementation stage.

At the moment, thanks to well-coordinated teamwork, LOTUS® has shown the company's Vision in the following aspects:

1. Values ​​of the LOTUS® Team

  • Spiritual and moral development of each team member (we consciously exercise our right to fulfill our duties in the field of health, intelligence, society and the soul);
  • The manifestation of the nature of employees and its implementation;
  • A large happy team as a family with continuity of generations;
  • Professionalism, the company is a leader, an example of a world standard;
  • Social responsibility.

2. Team mission

  • We serve humanity, creating an atmosphere in which people communicate kindly with each other, help each other professionally and spiritually develop on the basis of higher principles and become an example for the entire world community;
  • We are making the world a better place in the sphere of our influence, creating and improving world-class products in the field of energy conservation;
  • We systematically and creatively solve large-scale complex technical problems by revealing and combining the talents of everyone;
  • Each of us is aware that the development of a company depends on the acceptance of responsibility of each for his personal development and contribution to the common cause;
  • We constantly care about the prosperity and well-being of our employees and partners.

3. The LOTUS® Team's Big Ambitious Goal

  • We are creating a company of self-fulfilling people with financial, energy, food independence.

4. Five LOTUS® Team Management Processes

1. Quality management team.

1.1. We create a system for managing personalities (personality);

1.2. We create a system for managing groups (projects);

1.3. We create and improve corporate culture;

1.4. We create a team management system.

2. Sales Quality Management

2.1. We build a sales system based on marketing research;

2.2. We are constantly looking for new customers;

2.3. We develop relationships with existing customers;

2.4. We increase revenue by finding new ways to sell and offer new services.

3. Quality management of engineering and design

3.1. We involve all participants in the process in customer focus;

3.2. We are creative in designing and improving design processes;

3.3. We systematize and automate design processes;

3.4. We control the quality of design.

4. Workmanship management.

4.1. We are improving the quality system;

4.2. We enhance the company's image with manufacturers;

4.3. We are improving the manufacturers selection system;

4.4. We train manufacturers;

4.5. We optimize processes.

5. LOTUS® Life Cycle Quality Management

- We are actively building interest and trust;

- We build regular communication;

- We are engaged in joint activities;

- We jointly resolve all contradictions;


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