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We have everything to offer you the best!

The best is in matters of heat transfer: a team that is able to work harmoniously and efficiently, innovative developments that have no analogues in the world, professionals who do not know the boundaries of excellence, and most importantly, we have you, our customers, who set unique thermal engineering tasks for us.

We are grateful to everyone who works with us. This is the LOTUS® team, these are the people who want to make the world cleaner and kinder. And we just efficiently and professionally fulfill your desires, desires in the field of heat engineering.

On the basis of the intensive heat exchange equipment LOTUS®, together with you, dear Customers, we create unique heat engineering products that have no analogues in the world, which allow us to reduce the energy consumption of production, significantly reduce heat emissions into the atmosphere against the background of a qualitative improvement in the lives of people on Earth ...

All consumers of LOTUS® heat exchangers enjoy the pleasure of launching LOTUS® heat exchangers. They worry and worry, like first graders, before they launch. They rejoice and scream like champions when the LOTUS® heat exchangers work the way they wanted it, the way they have been waiting for this, perhaps for several decades.

This is the highest gratitude for us: the joy and success of our customers. Because everything we do, we do for you and for you.

The highest mark of our activity, when a mechanic or technologist, looking at a working LOTUS® heat exchanger, enthusiastically says: “I still want this!” And poses the next heat engineering task.

Hundreds of LOTUS® heat exchangers already bring profit to their owners.

Hundreds of LOTUS® heat exchangers enhance the well-being of our customers.

Hundreds of LOTUS® heat exchangers fight for an energy-efficient economy.

Set us any heat engineering tasks, and you will receive your unique, innovative LOTUS® solutions.

All in your hands!
It all depends on your desire!
Desires to have the best!

Alexander Shershevsky
General Director of JSC “LOTOS”

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