Compliance with regulatory temperature conditions, as a rule, directly affects the quality of the products and the yield of finished products from 1 ton of raw materials. As a result, waste or volumes of recycled products used in cyclic redistribution are reduced. All these "details" very significantly affect the economic performance of your enterprise.

Each of you is able to evaluate the gross economic effect of a clear and constant routine maintenance of temperature effects on the technical environment of your production. Believe me, these figures can reach tens or even hundreds of millions of rubles, and it is precisely these millions that every Russian enterprise does not have enough to implement modern innovative equipment - including modern shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

But the sequence may be different:

Due to point innovation, implementations begin to get the maximum effect;
Most of the money saved will again be directed to innovative, quickly recouping technical (technological) solutions;
Part of the revenue from innovative implementations can be regularly directed to updating production capacities, buying the best equipment (technology) in the world, getting the highest quality products and selling them, getting the highest profitability of their production activities.

Dear technologists, analyze all your technological processes, find the weakest working places of the heat exchange equipment within your limits, even calculate on a calculator what gives you an increase or decrease in the temperature of a particular medium, and fill out the questionnaire on our website.

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