Our strategy

Ultimately, our main task is to constantly educate highly qualified highly moral experts in our field, with whom we together and happily make high-quality, highly efficient LOTUS® heat exchangers for the benefit of our esteemed Customers.

An expert is one who is in the student position!
An attentive listening to the Customer’s specialists, asking leading professional questions is guaranteed to allow us to reveal the deepest needs of our Partners, which are often not visible during a brief discussion of the task.

The expert learns from his own experience and the mistakes of others!
The quality of the supplied LOTUS® equipment is always higher than the supply of equipment from the manufacturer, because The quality of our equipment is checked by the Quality Control Department of the plant and, in addition, by our quality service on the basis of a “Quality Agreement” signed with each manufacturer with the right to manufacture LOTUS® heat exchangers.

Office location
Engineering company LOTUS®
Russia, Ekaterinburg, Lunacharskogo street, 240/12

Phone: +7 343 216 77 75

E-mail: info@lotus1.ru

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Russia: +7 343 216 77 75

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