Pre-sale service:

1. Collection of initial data, including doing this at the site of the customer;

2. Verification of submitted data (questionnaires, technical task, specifications sheet) on the sites of Customers and Designers, including consideration of technological schemes in which installation of heat exchange equipment is planned;

3. Work with Prequalification companies and Licensors of technologies on the coordination of technical solutions;

4. A survey of existing production to identify the hidden causes of inefficient operation of available heat exchange equipment with the purpose of taking in account these reasons, when designing new heat exchange equipment;

5. Work with design institutes and Customers on formation of optimum technological schemes and technical solutions, including the cost of their implementation through the use of efficient LOTUS® heat exchangers (reduction dimensions and loads on overpasses and foundations; increase heat recovery; reduce the heat output of furnaces (saving on cost); reduction of steam consumption; reduction of costs of recycled water (saving on the cost of cooling towers), etc.);

6. Conducting multiple iterations of thermal and hydraulic calculations in finding the best heat engineering solution for a specific Customer task;

7. Verification of the working capacity of the chosen technical solution in the various modes of operation (minimum, maximum, with raw material change, changing modes, etc.)

8. Providing detailed thermal and hydraulic calculations;

9. Providing detailed sketch drawings indicating the basic mass and size characteristics of the equipment;

10. Provision and protection of detailed technical proposals, descriptions of equipment operation;

11. Providing a flexible options of payment for equipment.

Services sales:

1. The possibility of launching the equipment in the production upon the guarantee letter;

2. Fast contractual work with Customers;

3. Development of complete sets of working design documentation for each order;

4. Implementation of strength calculations of all structural elements to ensure the reliability of the devices and determine the optimal technology of their manufacture;

5. Inspection of production facilities for the possibility of manufacturing LOTUS® devices with the highest quality during the selection period of the manufacturer; (basically our equipment can be produced at virtually any country.)

6. Continuous cooperation with the production plants included in the list of companies which have signed the agreement of cooperation and confidentiality for the improvement of the qualification of their personnel participating involved in the manufacture of LOTUS® devices;

7. Issue on a regular basis of the recommendations to production plants to improve their technological and organizational capabilities with the aim of better producing of their products;

8. Equipment of production plants with basic materials (heat exchanger tubes, forgings, thick-walled sheet, special materials, etc.) to use these materials in the manufacture of LOTUS® heat transfer equipment, in order to eliminate the use of non-quality raw materials from the factory-manufacturer;

9. Manufacturer of tube sheets for high-precision machine with numerical program control on its production, with subsequent picking of our orders placed in engineering factories to ensure a quality fastening of heat exchanger tubes in tube plates (observance of the minimum allowances according to the category of accuracy of fastening of heat exchanger tubes in tube sheets);

10. Development of the "Quality control plan for manufacturing equipment" for each heat exchanger;

11. Realization of full quality control of manufacturing equipment at the machine building factory;

12. Informing the Customers about all stages of the quality control conducted at an engineering company, with a view to their possible participation in the acceptance;

13. Development and registration of corporate certificates for each heat exchanger taking into account all requirements of required documentation.

After sales Services:

1. Control of correctness of installation and strapping of equipment;

2. Participation in commissioning works;

3. Training and consulting of the Customer's staff;

4. Inspection of the equipment during its operation;

5. Providing Customers with recommendations for improving the operation of the equipment;

6. Carrying out of additional thermal and hydraulic calculations when changing the operation modes of the equipment;

7. Conducting analytical work, including 3D modelling, aimed at further improvement the design of LOTUS® heat exchangers.

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