“A good mechanic is a mechanic who lies on a beach”

A.R. Shakhnazarov, 2009

One ancient Chinese commander said: "To get to the truth, ask a lot of questions, if this is impossible, philosophize."

These questions are practically in the philosophical zone of answers, that is, you can argue, argue over them for a long time and each participant in the dispute to remain with their opinion.

Because everyone "was born in his family." Each head of the enterprise has its own criteria for evaluating the work of mechanics:

  • Someone praises the fact that mechanics work, work and work from morning till night;
  • Someone praises the fact that mechanics actively use new modern devices and tools for cleaning and repairing equipment, and thereby increase the productivity of their work, that is, they "work quickly";
  • Someone praises the fact that the mechanics have mastered the production of some simple equipment on their own repair base, and they are constantly making it themselves;
  • Someone praises the fact that mechanics respond very quickly to emergency situations and eliminate these accidents in a short period of time;
  • Someone highly appreciates the fact that mechanics strictly follow traditions, and always choose the standard unified equipment on which they have worked for more than a dozen years and have already learned how to clean and repair it;
  • Someone praises the fact that mechanics regularly perform preventive maintenance, using a modern tool;
  • Someone gives high marks to the mechanics who are constantly looking for new modern technological equipment, which allows to increase the overhaul mileage of plants, the plant, and completely eliminate emergency situations in the enterprise;

Someone praises the mechanics for “lying on the beach”.

What conclusion can be drawn from these considerations?

The service of mechanics should select the most modern technological equipment that has a maximum period of overhaul operation. Mechanics should have a modern tool for carrying out scheduled preventive repairs as soon as possible, and be always ready to eliminate any emergency situation using the most modern equipment (like lifeguards). Logically, the wages of mechanics should directly depend on the budget of repair work, that is, the less repairs (especially emergency) for the reporting period, the greater the wages fund of mechanics.

Dear mechanics, your work is “both dangerous and difficult,” but you yourself can change it. To do this, you need to change yourself, and move on from words to action, and the leaders will definitely support you, especially if this gives an economic effect, reduces the costs of the enterprise.

"A man cannot get where he needs to if he does not know where he is going."

Set yourself, your colleagues, the task: to coordinate for the purchase only the best technological equipment, which minimizes the costs associated with its maintenance and repair. Consider any technical proposals from different formats, and make the most informed decisions. And only under this condition is your life, your work will be able to change for the better.

Regarding the heat exchange equipment, you no longer need to worry, let us know in any way convenient for you that you want to exclude the costs of cleaning and repairing the heat exchange equipment, fill out our questionnaire on the most problematic area of ​​the heat exchange equipment, and send it to our address. We will prepare a technical solution based on intensive shell-and-tube (shell-and-tube) heat exchangers, we will coordinate it with you, and if necessary with your design organization, we will protect it in front of your management and management company.

We wish you and your teams success!

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