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We all understand the importance of improving the efficiency of the oil industry, each individual enterprise and each specific technological conversion.

We all have the desire to do our job well, to achieve maximum returns with existing capabilities and move to a new level of quality.

But at the same time, we are faced with reality: most of the enterprises of our country for decades worked without large-scale changes and modernization.

The time has come when your aspirations for change coincided with our capabilities and market demand, which opens up new opportunities for us all, but also imposes new obligations on us, such as:

  • The task set by the government of the country by 2015 is to produce automotive fuel of Euro-5 standard;
  • Increasing the depth of hydrocarbon processing;
  • Increased requirements to deepen recovery and reduce energy costs;
  • The need to switch to extended periods between repairs.
  • The issue of modernization of production has become relevant for all oil refineries, working groups are being created, departments are being formed, the main task of which is the search for energy-saving technologies and equipment.

Design institutes are developing projects for new and reconstructed plants based on leading world technologies, the state and large oil companies allocate billions of rubles for the development of oil refining.

But all this can turn out to be a transfusion from empty to empty if the equipment that will be introduced at our plants does not provide the necessary technological parameters. The quality and compliance with the requirements of each individual element - whether it is cement, rivet, metal construction, capacity, piping, heat exchanger, furnace, column or reactor - must be absolute.

Our company specializes in only one of the listed elements - heat transfer equipment. But we can proudly say that the quality of our solutions is fully consistent with the modern tasks of Russia. We are a Russian company, we work in the real conditions existing in our country, we design and supply intensive Lotus heat exchangers that have no analogues in the world, we manufacture equipment in our Russian machine-building plants under our own quality control system, we are always with you .

We are sure that Lotus heat exchangers will be excellent helpers in solving a common problem - increasing the competitiveness of our mill and the specific tasks of each production. Because due to the individual selection of hydrodynamic regimes, both in the pipe and in the annular space of the Lotus shell and tube (shell and tube) heat exchangers, we are guaranteed to achieve high heat transfer coefficients, as well as the self-cleaning effect of the heat exchange surface.

The most reliable way to check this is to put before us any heat engineering task relevant to your enterprise.

Dear refiners, this section presents one of the many engineering solutions in the field of heat engineering related specifically to your industry.

We sincerely want to wish you that each element introduced at your enterprises as part of repairs, development and modernization is the best and worthy of your success!

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