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New Year's corporate party 2020 - "Big races"

LOTUS® celebrated New Year 2020 on a grand scale! On December 26, company employees and their families gathered at the Uktus GLK to hold their BIG Races on Santa's Sleigh.

The task was to make your sleigh and move them down the mountain.

 The "elusive LOTOS" on a banana famously dodged competing pirates on an old boat and conquered everyone !!! (1st place - design department).

The design of the "Karelian Pellet" was distinguished by its dimensions and accommodated almost all team members. "ELEPHANTS" (production workers) left the farthest on their elephant!

The coolest Parmesans (the heat engineering team) turned out to be the most stylish, their “cheese” left with the help of two snowboarders engineers.

Woolen beasts (project managers) pleased everyone with the costumes of Cat and Bear.

In addition, there were many team games in the fresh air from the host Maximus, the smallest entertained by Rosette and Tsvetan. Santa Claus and Snegurochka presented sweet gifts to the children of employees.

Walked, hungry. At the reception in the cafe held a New Year quiz. Summed up the competition, rewarding all teams for participation and winning teams. The corporate party ended with a warm farewell and a collective photo.

Inspired by communication with each other and a joyful experience, the LOTUS® team of professionals is ready to help our Customers reduce operational costs of production!

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