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Pipe-to-pipe heat exchangers

Due to the small size of the individual sections and the ability to compose the necessary configurations from them, the heat exchangers of the pipe-in-pipe type were very widespread in the Soviet Union, since then individually designed heat exchangers did not exist.

1 - heat transfer pipe; 2 - casing pipe; 3 - support; 4 - lattice of shell pipes; 5 - camera
Today, the popularity of pipe-to-pipe heat exchangers is declining due to the low efficiency of the apparatus and the rapid contamination of work surfaces.

Pipe-in-pipe heat exchangers are universal in their scope, and can be used in the petrochemical and chemical industries, petrochemicals, metallurgy, medicine, food industry, etc.

Pipe-to-pipe heat exchangers are designed for use in areas with seismic activity up to 7 points on a 12-point scale.

In the manufacture of these heat exchangers, smooth heat transfer tubes (G) are used. Tube-in-tube heat exchangers are manufactured in the climatic version U and T, for operation in temperate and tropical climates.

They are manufactured in two versions: with welded doubles and with removable doubles.

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